Michael Jackson's Moonwalker 外星战将游戏秘
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Michael Jackson's Moonwalker 外星战将游戏秘技

Hold Up/Left + A on controller two and press

Start on controller one at the title screen to select a

one player game.  The phrase "Round 1" will appear on

the screen.  Press Left or Right to change rounds

and Start to begin game play.

Transform into the mechanical robot:
Rescue the indicated hostage first when playing the corresponding



Level 2-1
Rescue the girl in the window located in the upper left.

Jump and get the shooting star that will appear.



Level 2-2
Go to the top of the garage and rescue the only child at this




Level 2-3
Enter the elevator and go up one floor.  Rescue the child

on that floor to get the shooting star.



Level 3-2
Rescue the first girl located behind the rock.



Level 3-3

Go to the left side of the waterfall.  Look up and rescue the

child above this location.