Alien Storm 异形风暴金手指密码
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Alien Storm 异形风暴金手指密码

2       AB8A-AACW       Special attack uses no energy
3       AB8A-ANCW       Special attack uses 1/2 as
much energy
4       R1DT-A60R       Normal attacks use no energy
5       P1DT-BD0R       Normal attacks gain energy instead
of losing it
6       AA4A-BB96       Start with maximum energy
7       AJ7A-AA3R       Infinite credits
8       AB9TCTE0        Each energy unit is worth
2 times as much
9       AB9T-DAE0       Each energy unit is worth
4 times as much
10      AB9T-CAN0       Each energy unit is worth
8 times as much
11      9WET-BCS4 + CWET-B998 + ACET-AGH6       Start on Mission 2--Expel the Aliens
12      9WET-BCS4 + CWET-B998 + ACET-ANH6       Start on Mission 3--Alien's Nest
13      9WET-BCS4 + CWET-B998 + ACET-A2H6       Start on Mission 5--Save the
14      9WET-BCS4 + CWET-B998 + ACET-A8H6       Start on Mission 6--Night Crawler
15      9WET-BCS4 + CWET-B998 + ACET-BEH6       Start on Mission 7--Destroy the UFO
16      9WET-BCS4 + CWET-B998 + ACET-BLH6       Start on Mission 8--Final Battle
17      ALXT-AA4Y       Most alien hits do no damage
(no life lost on life meter)
18      AJEA-CA7R       Aliens in shooting gallery do no
damage (no life lost on life meter)